Based in Bangkok.
we are the immigration experts.
We specialize in business, employer sponsored, retirement, education, marriage and immigrant visas to Thailand.

Study and Work Visa for Thai nationals to Australia, Korea, Japan.
Study and Work Visa for Non-Thai nationals to Thailand, Schengen, Australia, Korea, Japan.


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About us

Thailand visas Services "We are your best visa solutions"

Based in Bangkok. We are the immigration experts. We specialize in business, employer sponsored, retirement, education, marriage, tourist and immigrant visas to Thailand.
We can assist for Non-Thai Nationals for a tourist visa to Schengen countries, USA, Canada and A work Visa to Schengen countries and USA.

Our visa services mission:

  • Supporting you in achieving your personal immigration goal
  • Supporting you and working with you for as long as it takes
  • Providing a professional, dedicated and friendly service
  • not make misleading claims as to the likely success of your application
  • provide staff to assist you who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic
  • respond to you as soon as possible
  • inform you as to the progress of the preparation of your visa application
  • keep all your information and data confidential
  • know current relevant changes in law
  • operate a Clients´ Account in which your money stays safeguarded
  • advise you on the range of visa possibilities open to you depending on your personal circumstances
  • advise on the visa that may best suit you and your personal circumstances
  • identify the documents you will need to submit with your visa application
  • help you complete the application form or do it for you
  • certify copies of your original documents needed for the visa application
  • submit relevant applications for you
  • communicate with relevant authorities on your behalf
  • assist with applying for character certifications, if applicable

Why Thailand visas Services

we understand that you seek a partner who gives you both the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal and the trust that your money is well spent. We are registered migration agents in Thailand.

We're known for accepting clients where our competition said that the client was not eligible for a visa application - and we reach positive outcomes. 

That's because our experts take the time for finding opportunities during an initial assessment of your personal circumstances. After we have received all necessary information from you we can determine your visa options. Once we have examined the facts we would then advise you about your opportunities for permanent migration to Thailand and all requirements that must be met and what would be needed to be done in order to pass the requirements. Further we would advise you about the costs and the time frame so that you can plan ahead. We would provide the information in our written Visa & Immigration Assessment. You could then choose meeting with us and we will give you an opportunity to address all questions you may have.

Thailand visas Service makes expert immigration services affordable, transparent, accessible and timely. With years of experience in all kinds of immigration matters on behalf of firms and individuals, we diligently fulfill your goals within the bounds of the law.

For these and all types of visas -- tourist, business, student, work, fiancée or marriage -- we assist you in preparing a thorough application and presenting your very best when interviewed. Our service increase your chances of success and reduces the possibility of a denial.

Our Service and your Guarantee:
Whether it is a working holiday, work permission or a permanent visa you are seeking, we guarantee to provide you with a professional and ethical service. We understand what an important decision it is for you and your family and we aim to ensure that the process is as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Visa Solutions Thailand will look after all aspects of the visa process for you. We begin by collecting information from you and then undertake the legal and professional process of applying to the Thailand Government for a visa on your behalf. 

If at any time our service standards have not met your expectations, please email your feedback to Visa Solutions Thailand Managing Director, Pornpimon Tongoo.

When you choose Thailand visas services, you will:

Get an honest and experienced opinion as to chances of success based on your facts and circumstances.

  • Receive our evaluation and recommendations on the best options or strategies that may be available to you.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to gather and complete all necessary paperwork.
  • Have your completed application thoroughly examined before submission to assure accuracy and completeness.
  • Be assisted in background-check burdens that may be required
  • Be guided on any other steps to becoming a resident or fulfilling visa requirements.
  • Have a strong advocate should you be denied and wish to appeal or resubmit your application.

We invite you to choose us for the finest and most courteous immigration services available in Thailand. 


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