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Thinking that you want to retire, but then looking at your bank account and realizing that you don’t have enough to retire with a lifestyle you always dreamed possible when reaching retirement age?  Think again. Consider retirement in the Land of Smiles (LOS), Thailand.  Your dreams realized, the lifestyle you envisioned is possible!!

Why Thailand Visas Services for retirement?

Contact Thailand Visas Services to help you achieve your retirement dreams. Contact us today to for full details on retirement in Thailand. We make it easy for you by processing your Retirement Visa, keeping you informed throughout the process. We will provide “tips of the trade” allowing you to obtain your retirement dream, even if you previously looked into retirement in Thailand and found the requirements too daunting or confusing.  Don’t delay a minute longer, contact Thailand Visas Services and begin your dream retirement today!!

Why retire in Thailand?

Quality of life for retirees in Thailand is extremely good.  Thailand is considered one of the safest countries in the world and instances of violent crime are very low. The cost of living is also very low and the year round warm climate is attractive to those who want to escape the colder winters of northern Europe and America. Thailand has good medical facilities and many of the doctors there have trained in the West, so speak good English. Housing can be purchased or rented at a very low cost if you are prepared to look away from the tourist areas and busy urban areas.

For retirees, Thailand offers up many destinations each with its distinctive personality and unique attractions that suits all people’s expectations –Krabi, Samui, and Phuket, offers spectacular seas and beaches, while Bangkok possesses that big city buzz and Hua Hin provides peace & tranquility, or if you prefer the rural area atmosphere, Northern Thailand, such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. 

Thailand’s appeal as a destination for retirement includes:

1. Cost of living – upgrade your lifestyle with one of the world’s most attractive costs of living, with everyday prices even beating neighboring countries in Southeast Asia

2. Beautiful surroundings – the stunning landscapes to explore range from the paradise islands and white sandy beaches in Samui to the forests of Chiang Mai.

3. Fascinating culture – discover a rich cultural heritage of picturesque festivals, treasure-trove night markets and atmospheric ancient temples

4. A warm welcome – enjoy the daily pleasure of living in a country where politeness, courtesy and good humor are at the heart of national pride.

5. World-class healthcare – assure your long-term wellbeing with healthcare institutions that attract more than a million medical tourists each year through excellent service and exacting clinical standards    

6. Community – share friendships and good times in the lively expat communities to be found in Thailand’s leading resorts

7. Activities – leisure pursuits in the Land of Smiles range from horse riding, bowling and the seaside to some of Asia’s finest golf courses

8. Flights – a wide selection of affordable flights to worldwide destinations make holidays and trips home a regular feature of a Thai retirement 

9. Infrastructure – retirees can find the convenience of their accustomed lifestyle through Thailand’s modern roads, public facilities and shops

10. Low tax – the burden of taxation is lightened by Thailand’s welcoming fiscal system, which imposes no taxes on overseas income or on inheriting property

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