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Non-Immigrant “O” Visa (Retirement)

This type of visa allows you to stay longer in Thailand. The minimum requirement to meet your retirement in Thailand is to be 50 years or over. You can enjoy your retirement in Thailand and we take care of your visa applications year after year.

The requirements for this type of extension are relatively simple. At the moment of application, you must already be over 50 years of age according to your birthdate; moreover, you must have at least 800,000 THB in a Thai bank account. The first time you apply for the extension on this basis, such sum must have been in the bank account for no less than two months before application without falling below that amount at any time; in subsequent years, the required sum must have been in the bank account for at least three months before application under the same conditions.

Alternatively, you must be able to demonstrate either a yearly income from abroad of at least 800,000 THB, or an average monthly income from abroad of no less than 65,000 THB, or a combination of the two as long as the total is at least 800,000 THB per annum.

If you are applying on the basis of your income, a certified letter from your Embassy will be required. Anyway, as long as you meet the requirements described above, a Retirement Visa will normally be issued with less fuss and delay than a Marriage Visa, which is comparatively rather more difficult to obtain. We can help you to get Non – Immigrant “ O“ ( Retirement ).

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