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We specialize in business, employer sponsored, retirement, education, marriage and immigrant visas to Thailand.

Study and Work Visa for Thai nationals to Australia, Korea, Japan.
Study and Work Visa for Non-Thai nationals to Thailand, Schengen, Australia, Korea, Japan.


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We are here to help the Expat get settled in Thailand with confidence and a sense of security that they would feel just as if they were in their home country. Our Thai Living Consultant Service is designed to help the Expat in all areas of getting settled in Thailand, from helping to rent/buy a place to live, to knowing where to pay your utility bills. This service is designed to help the Expat feel confident in matters involving financial decisions, and is aimed at helping the Expat with Thai translations and legal documents. We understand that many Expats may not have a Thai friend or companion to help with important matters when migrating to Thailand, and our service provides peace of mind to the Expat that all business transactions are understood. Let us help you rent a place, sign a lease, hire a car, or any other matter of everyday living, that a Thai consultant could assist and provide you the peace of mind that your decision is sound and in your best interest.

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