Based in Bangkok.
we are the immigration experts.
We specialize in business, employer sponsored, retirement, education, marriage and immigrant visas to Thailand.

Study and Work Visa for Thai nationals to Australia, Korea, Japan.
Study and Work Visa for Non-Thai nationals to Thailand, Schengen, Australia, Korea, Japan.


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Our experts take the time for finding opportunities during an initial assessment of your personal circumstances. After we have received all necessary information from you we can determine your visa options. Once we have examined the facts we would then advise you about your opportunities for permanent migration to Thailand and all requirements that must be met and what would be needed to be done in order to pass the requirements. Further we would advise you about the costs and the time frame so that you can plan ahead. We would provide the information in our written Visa & Immigration Assessment. You could then choose meeting with us and we will give you an opportunity to address all questions you may have.

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